Make an order easy

1.- Add a package or an individual items to cart.

2.- Make this moment more special and add a note to yoyr missionary.

3.- Go to shopping cart, fill out your information and for your missionary.

4.- Choose the shipping method and compleate your payment.

Secure payments online and in a few clicks

To use PayPal you only need to regi s ter an emai l addres s and a credit or debit card . A l so, we encrypt and safeguard your data securely so you need not to di sclose your confidential information.

Special Request

Special requests are special items that we don’t have available in our website, we can find the item and add it to your package, in those cases the next day delivery guarantee doesn’t apply, we need find the item, send you information about it, and complete the payment in case you want the item. This process may take 3 days.

About Shipping

All packages a re labeled wi t h your name and the missionary’s full name. They a re properly p rotected to make sure tha t t he i tems you send a r r ive safe and on time.


There are specific products that can’t be delivered the next day, this is the case of fresh baked products, those are products that we don’t have in stock, we prepare those products a day after your purchase and they are delivered the second business day.


We offer SECOND Day Delivery for packages going to missions in Mexico City. If you make your order on Monday, the package would be delivered on Wednesday. This is the faster service for missionaries serving in Mexico City. As we are members of the Church, we don’t consider Sunday as business day.

We deliver all packages at the mission office. The mission office will send the package to your missionary through his/her zone leaders. If you are planning to send a package for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, etc. Make your order with enough time so that your missionary can receive the package on time.


We deliver packages to missions outside of Mexico City between 3 and 5 business days. It is the fastest and more affordable way to get packages to missionaries in Mexico.

No custom taxes, your missionary will receive the package free of any other extra charge.

We deliver all packages at the mission office. The mission office will send the package
to your missionary through his/her zone leaders.

You need to write the mission address and the complete name of the missionary.

¿What is the address i must fill out in checkout?

Your are going to receive a e-mail from MISSIONARYPRESENTS confirming that the package is in the mission office. If by any reason your order has not been deliver you must contact us for further information regarding your shipment.

How can i know if my orders have been recived in the mission office?

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